Credit where credit is due

Browsing Twitter today, I came across this tweet about attributing (or not, in this case)  images to their creator, something that I try very hard to do when I use images in my presentations. It’s not something I have always considered, I will admit, but over the past few years I have worked hard to ensure that all the pictures in my lectures, seminar and conference presentations have Creative Commons licences and are attributed in accordance with the licence, or are used with permission from the owner. I will admit that I probably get this wrong on occasion, so if you spot an incorrectly attributed image, please let me know and I will rectify it.

It’s not the first time I have seen this sort of thing, often in relation to paleoart and #sciart more generally. Amazing images created by amazingly talented people, used without their knowledge or permission, without attribution or compensation. Despite my secondary school art teacher once telling my mum I was “very good at drawing” (I dropped art and did drama for GCSE instead), I know my limits. There is no way I could create something anything close to being decent, which is why I am writing this post. You might have noticed I have a rather funky lab logo/ Twitter picture, which I love and I think is fabulous:


It wasn’t designed by me. So, to give credit where credit is most certainly due, my logo was designed by the wonderful Kerry at Duckduckle Design. Kerry is a graphic designer who I ‘met’ through a pregnancy and parenting website. And who happened to be online while I was moaning about how hard it was to design a logo that didn’t look like a small child had done it. She offered to make one for me, looked at my website (not this one, a previous incarnation) and half an hour later came back with the logo. I loved it so much I changed the entire colour scheme of the website to match, and I have kept it as my logo ever since.

Kerry has since set up her own business (Duckduckle) creating and selling cards, prints, family trees and pin badges that say “I am surrounded by idiots” (you know you need one). Thank you Kerry!


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