Group Members

Group leader

Lesley Morrell

Lesley Morrell | Senior Lecturer
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Current group members

Steph McLean

Stephanie McLean | PhD student (2016-2019)
Laterality and parental care in fish

Emma Peasland
Emma Peasland | PhD student (2016-2019)
Maximising the benefits of environmental field-work for a diverse student body

Khia Dobbinson
Khia Dobbinson | PhD student (2015-2018)
The oddity effect: applying principles from psychology to an ecological question
MSc by Research (2014-2015)
Confusion effects in turbid environments

Khia Dobbinson
Catherine Carrick | PhD student (2014-2017)
Forager responses to patch size, density and purity: exploring resource concentration and resource dilution effects

Former group members

Julie Furnell
Julie Furnell | Researcher (2013-2016)
Choices and barriers in undergraduate fieldwork

luke rothery
Luke Rothery | MSc by Research (2014-15)
Bird behaviour at birdfeeders

Helen Kimbell
Helen Kimbell | PhD student (2011-2015)
Behavioural flexibility & environmental change
Helen is currently a journal development specialist at Frontiers

Ása (Freya) Johannesen | PhD student (2010-2013)
Aquatic predator-prey interactions
Freya is currently a researcher at Fiskaaling

Gwen Rodgers
Gwen Rodgers | PhD student (2007-2011)
The role of colour and oddity in fish behaviour
Gwen is a language editor for Astronomy and Astrophysics

ben chapman
Ben Chapman | PhD student (2006-2009)
Early experience and plasticity in guppies
Ben is a lecturer at the University of Manchester