Topics in Biodiversity and Evolution

Topics in Biodiversity and Evolution is a research-led level 6 module where students hear about the research being carried out in the School, from the people carrying it out. The focus is on the development of skills in reading and understanding the scientific literature, and in scientific writing, through the production of “news & views” style articles.

I have written an evaluation of this module here

Professional & Research Skills for Biologists

Professional & Research Skills for Biologists is a core level 5 module focusing on the development of both scientific and employability skills. The module comprises a series of careers-focused workshops delivered by the Careers & Employability Service, and research-focused practicals, workshops and lectures on statistical analysis, critical thinking, writing grant proposals and experimental design.

Behavioural Ecology

Behavioural Ecology is an optional level 5 module introducing the students to some of the key principles of the subject. I deliver lectures on avoiding predators, living in groups, sexual selection and fighting behaviour.

Research Projects

I offer final year research projects based around my research interests, including projects on behaviour in fish, invertebrates and birds, and theoretical projects. Some recent projects have included the effect of clustering on emergence behaviour in hermit crabs, familiarity in sticklebacks, and the effects of male behaviour on female social decisions in guppies. I have collated some tips for writing up projects here.


How does clustering affect emergence behaviour in hermit crabs?

Undergraduates doing their projects with me sometimes can contribute data to publications. These papers have undergraduate project students as co-authors (in bold):

Morrell, LJ, Greenwood, L & Ruxton, GD. (2015) Consequences of variation in predator attack for the evolution of the selfish herd. Evolutionary Ecology 29: 107-121 [link ] [OA version] [blog summary]
Rodgers, GM, Gladman, NW, Corless, H & Morrell, LJ. (2013) Costs of colour change in fish: food intake and behavioural decisions. Journal of Experimental Biology 216: 2760-2767 [link] [OA version]
Morrell, LJ, Hunt, KL, Croft, DP & Krause, J. (2007) Diet, familiarity and shoaling decisions in guppies. Animal Behaviour 74: 311-319 [link]