Teaching leadership roles

For a short while (2016-17) I was co-director of the BSc Zoology programme. I stopped doing that when I became Director of Learning and Teaching for the School of Environmental Sciences (2018-)

Current teaching

I currently teach on several different modules, and am interested in helping students develop both their knowledge and skills.

Topics in Biodiversity and Evolution (co-ordinator)

A research-led module focusing on the development of skills in reading and understanding the scientific literature and in scientific writing. I have published an evaluation of this module here (Morrell 2014).

Professional & Research Skills for Biologists

A skills-focussed module developing both scientific and employability skills. I mostly teach statistics using R.

Behavioural Ecology

This is where I tell students about my favourite topics, and show lots of Attenborough clips. We have published an analysis of how we tutored students to ‘ask a question’ as their essay titles here (Henri et al. 2015).

Research Projects

Students doing their final year research projects with me sometimes can contribute data to publications. These papers have undergraduate project students as co-authors (in bold):

Morrell, LJ, Greenwood, L & Ruxton, GD. (2015) Consequences of variation in predator attack for the evolution of the selfish herd. Evolutionary Ecology 29: 107-121 [link ] [OA version] [blog summary]
Rodgers, GM, Gladman, NW, Corless, H & Morrell, LJ. (2013) Costs of colour change in fish: food intake and behavioural decisions. Journal of Experimental Biology 216: 2760-2767 [link] [OA version]
Morrell, LJ, Hunt, KL, Croft, DP & Krause, J. (2007) Diet, familiarity and shoaling decisions in guppies. Animal Behaviour 74: 311-319 [link]

Teaching recognition

  • Finalist, Royal Society of Biology/Oxford University Press Bioscience Teacher of the Year 2016 (you can read my case study here)
  • Recognised as a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2016)
  • Royal Society of Biology Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach) (2016)

Publications about teaching

One of my research interests is understanding more about student learning, in order to help develop my teaching and (hopefully) help others develop theirs.

  1. Henri, DC, Morrell LJ & Scott, GW (2017) Student perceptions of their autonomy at University. Higher Education doi:10.1007/s10734-017-0152-y [open access] [blog summary]
  2. Henri, DC, Morrell, LJ & Scott, GW. (2015) As a clearer question, get a better answer. [version 1; 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations] F1000Research 4: 901 [open access]
  3. Morrell, LJ & Joyce DA. (2015) Interactive lectures: clickers or personal devices? [version 1; referees: 2 approved] F1000Research 4: 64 [open access]
  4. Morrell LJ. (2014) Use of feed-­forward mechanisms in a novel research­‐led module.  Bioscience Education 22: 70-81 [open access]