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We are interested in how animals respond to their environments, particularly in the context of anti-predator aggregation and environmental change. We are interested in how animals interact with one another in their foraging, mating and social decisions, and how the environment affects these behaviours. Projects include the behavioural responses of small fish to increasing environmental turbidity, the effect of resource density on attack rates by foraging insects, and understanding how predators target prey, using principles taken from human psychology. I am also interested in how students learn, and evaluating the effectiveness of learning and teaching strategies.


May 2016: Manuscript accepted! A collaborative paper with Dom Henri and Graham Scott on the development of students’ perception of their autonomy during their time at university will be published soon in Higher Education.

March 2017: The new paper from Freya’s PhD is out! It’s about whether disturbing water flow can help prey groups hide.

February 2017: Paper from Freya’s PhD accepted! Link and blog post coming soon.

February 2017: Luke Rothery’s MSc research on birdfeeder colour is published in PLoS ONE

January 2017: A new funded PhD studentship on laterality and parental care

October 2016: Emma has recently joined the group, and will be investigating the benefits of fieldwork

August 2016: Write up of our rainbowfish paper by ScienceNetwork WA (no, those aren’t the right fish, but there’s a nice picture of Jen Kelley in a river)

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For more details of my general research interests, please see the research page or my university page

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